Aquify is your complete water distribution network intelligence solution.

We use advanced sensor technology, machine learning-enabled analytics software, and our 24/7 engineering and operations center to deliver continuous system insight, so you always know what’s happening in your water network.

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Save water and lower costs

Identify leaks before they surface, avoid costly main-breaks and extend asset life. Reduce non-revenue water, get recurring operational benefits and increase customer satisfaction.

An extension of your staff

Aquify’s Network Operations Center (NOC) analysts operate as an ‘extension of your staff’. We support your existing workforce with a 24/7 utility monitoring staff and analytics experts.

Shared service model

Aquify levels the playing field and makes it easy for municipalities of all sizes to realize the benefits of internal and external datasets and advanced analytics through a unique shared service model.

Protect your investment

Monitor and maintain your pipes, pumps and valves and extract additional value from your existing SCADA, Asset Management and AMI or AMR systems and data.

professional services contract water utilities

No capital required

With Aquify, everything is wrapped into a single professional services contract, so you don’t have to procure or integrate any of the individual hardware, software or service components.

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